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1. Several car names were among the top 50, from ‘ferrari’ to ‘mercedes.’
2. 5.《出租车司机》
3. 1. Peaceful Era
4. summ总,加+ary→内容总和→摘要;大纲
5. 如果法国总统奥朗德在2012年上任后没有主动减薪30%,他的排名还能更靠前。
6. 单词distract 联想记忆:


1. ['deziɡ,neitid]
2. 库克的缺乏表现欲,并不总被视为一种优点。
3. There’s a (not so) quiet revolution going on under the hoods of today’s cars, trucks and crossovers if the latest list of best engines compiled by the experts at WardsAuto is any indication. Turbocharged, supercharged and diesel engines – and even one electric motor – dominate the 20th annual 10 Best Engines awards, which, according to Wards, “recognize outstanding powertrain achievement, world-class technologies and those rare engines or electric propulsion systems that are so compelling they help sell the vehicle.”
4. 据一家行业报道,中国的网红预计能在2016年创造出高达580亿元(87亿美元)的市场,远超去年的440亿元的票房。
5. 斯坦福大学商学院校友的平均薪资最高,为19.5万美元,但总体而言,排在前15名之内的MBA课程在收入、职业发展和满意度方面都非常接近。除了一所学校外,这些商学院的校友平均薪资均超过15万美元,与就读MBA以前的收入相比,薪资上涨了大约100%。
6. Give Me Space


1. 《纽约时报》记者丹尼斯?格莱迪进入一间手术室,观察一项对24周、患有先天性脊椎裂的胎儿进行治疗的实验性技术。医生希望通过手术缓解患病婴儿的症状。他们目前已进行了28例手术,效果良好。报道中的胎儿母亲的预产期为1月14日。
2. 美国的排放量在经过了最近几年的持续下降后,提高了2.9%。
3. Frederickson说:“人们远离职场越久,他们想要再次踏入就越难。”
4. Plante Moran
5. 201001/94005.shtml
6. [d?eil]


1. v. 挖隧道,挖地道
2. Performances by Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert rocked the house at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
3. 2.纳米比亚
4. The strength of Kellogg/HKUST is the quality of its participants.
5. Other Chinese companies that filed a large number of patents included ZTE, Alibaba, Xiaomi, BYD and Haier, all of which are rapidly expanding into Europe.
6. 节目18 杂技《冰与火》,赵丽 张权


1. 她的亲妹妹莱克西经常装扮成电影中艾丽莎的妹妹、安娜公主,和姐姐一起同台演出,当莱克西抽不出时间的时候,她的好朋友们也会来帮忙。
2. "Apple, Google and Coca-Cola are the most valuable brands as their finances are strong, their brand is a powerful driver of choice and they are very strong compared to competitors," said Jez Frampton, Interbrand's global chief executive officer.
3. n. 决定,决策

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