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1.上海楼市一二手市场分化 未来供地只减不增
3.新政下成交利好 家居市场将迎来新契机
4.突破门窗企业发展困局 加快“两化”融合是根本


1. Ahead of the release, economists at ANZ said they expected inflation to pick up in January owing to rising food prices, and the low commodity prices would weigh on the CPI.
2. The web portal, which has put mobile technology at the heart of a plan to turn around its struggling fortunes, has turned to British teenager Nick D’Aloisio and Summly, which automatically summarises news stories for the small screen.
3. 腾讯控股有限公司公关部的一名员工、一款直播应用的负责人日前声称,一名男子通过在这个直播平台唱歌接受了一个13岁女孩25万多元(3.64万美元)的打赏,而该女孩在注册时可能隐瞒了年龄。
4. In 2005, Davidson found herself constantly picking up sippy cups her one-year-old son Jake would toss to the ground. She went to Target, bought a sewing machine, and created the SippiGrip, a leash-like contraption for a sippy cup. Her entrepreneurial dreams were slowed, however -- she was recruited by Microsoft to join the HR team working with its X-Box Group. But in 2007, she launched the SippiGrip at a national trade show. Fortuitously, Target approached her to join its 2008 Parent Invented Products Program and today, Davidson's BooginHead line is sold by retailers like Walmart, Babies "R" Us, and
5. She defined the term as “the desire to dress like a character from ‘Mad Men,’ ” though I would revise that and call it the mass fashion conviction that all consumers want to dress like characters from “Mad Men.” The show’s visual impact was so intense, it went viral and seemed to recode designers’ creative DNA.
6. Chinese cellphone maker giant Huawei expects its smartphone shipments to grow 29 percent year-on-year to reach 139 million in 2016, compared with an estimated global average shipment growth of 0.6 percent.


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2、国土空间开发保护立法提上日程 国土空间规划有望实现“多规合一”
3、预售款留存额最多下浮50% 公积金购房贷款或上浮20%
4、家装行业发布发展报告 整装卫浴将大显身手
5、民间版“以房养老”风生水起 70岁住上大别墅


      西西软件园 Female founders in Silicon Valley will raise more money next year, as sexual harassment scandals have forced investors to rethink their habit of backing ventures founded by mainly young, white men. Some start-ups founded by men pursued by rumours of unsavoury pasts will not get funding, even if they are a good investment proposition.