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万达集团正式起诉造谣者 索大额赔偿及要求追刑责

商品房销售增幅明显 市场回暖待“秋收” 说明


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1.回望40年 地产行业探讨未来大势
3.湖南家居卖场空置率15%-20% 坐商时代一去不复返
4.央行降息政策落地 京二手房看房量见涨
6.国家统计局副局长:房地产调控难度加大 需求有所减弱


1. 8. “Mad Max: Fury Road”(George Miller)
2. This is going to be one very interesting movie that shows the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man, who've always had trouble trusting each other.
3. Executives from PwC immediately realized there was a problem, but they were too late to rectify the mistake as Dunaway read out the name La La Land from a card that was meant to be for the Best Actress award, which Emma Stone won for her role in the film earlier in the night.
4. “This is a historic moment for Puerto Rico,” said 50-year-old Jose Davila as he waved a large flag from Rossello’s pro-statehood party. “He’s the hope of our island, he’s the hope for statehood, he’s the hope for a people that have suffered.”
5. 《沃兹汽车》将于1月15日在底特律一个与北美国际汽车展(North American International Auto Show)联合举办的仪式上颁发十大最佳引擎奖。
6. In the US, New York, California and Texas received the most investment. Chinese firms invested $5.4bn in New York, the top beneficiary, with most of the money spent on three big financial services and real estate deals.


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1、李克强:保证就业就是要多策并举 让重点人群继续保持就业率
2、政策演进 住房制度体系再优化
3、不合格儿童地垫易致甲醛超标 会影响孩子视力和发育
6、法拍房学区房受宠 投资买房是一场危险的游戏....