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央行旗下媒体:楼市“冰与火之歌”还能唱多久? 说明

统计局:上半年云南住宅价格持续上涨 昆明上涨11.1%

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3.海鸥卫浴合资设基金 加快家装建材互联网+转型
4.港媒:内地青年买房透支十年购买力 担忧成接盘侠
6.8月广州一手成交下滑 楼盘降价促销


1. As a measure of that fall, 10 works have sold at auction for more than $100 million since 2004, and all of them were made by modern or contemporary artists in the past 120 years. Older paintings have seen their value, in relative terms, level off or decline. The trend was plain to see in recent weeks, as London’s auction houses tried to find buyers for their latest tranche of old masters. As has been the case in recent years, there were few works by major names.
2. 湖北第一次超过了河北,以3.2万亿的GDP总量排在第七位,增速为8.1%。
3. 网红的粉丝也具备年轻化、高学历的特点。在关注网红的用户中,77.8%的人年龄在17-33岁之间,而接受过高等教育的比例达到75%。
4. Some scientists believe people with excellent recall and the ability to remember everything use a special mental filing system to keeping things organized in their memories. Mental tricks are also used by magicians to wow audiences with seemingly impossible feats of memory. But do you need to know special tricks or have an eidetic memory to remember everything? If you're worried you've forgotten more in life than you ever knew, don't worry. Science has you covered! Check out these 10 scientific secrets to a perfect memory.
5. Exports to the EU, Japan and Hong Kong — which serves as a transit point for exports to many other parts of the world — fell by 4.1 per cent, 9.5 per cent and 12.2 per cent respectively.
6. Warm hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things.


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1、9月钢材出口同比降逾两成 出口量已触及隐形天花板
2、北京等多地共有产权房项目落地 房价或受一定抑制
3、业务下滑 二手经纪人转战售楼处
6、整体政策环境放松 广州二手楼市或随一手转强....


      西西软件园 Restaurants and other retailers across the United States are offering free or discounted items and service to the nation's military veterans Wednesday in honor of the annual Veterans Day holiday observance.