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1. 葡萄牙完全使用可再生能源供电四天
2. 当很多千禧一代很难找到工作或在低技能岗位上将就时,凭着项目本身与公司合作伙伴的联系以及校友网络,这些管理学硕士项目的毕业生获得了很高的就业率。
3. 福布斯全球2000强是一个囊括全球最大最具有实力的上市公司的综合榜单,我们的衡量指标为营收、利润、资产和市场价值。
4. 乔布斯在苹果博览会上手持iPhone ,2007年,1月9日,旧金山
5. With its goal of universal healthcaresystem coverage by 2020, Chinais expected to transform the medicine market, becoming the second largest afterthe US.In the next five years, Chinaexpects per capita spending to grow by 70 percent.
6. 魔术队倒是可上可下,并且他们现在正在走下坡路。现在,阿龙-戈登和尼古拉-武切维奇被从板凳席上拉了出来并且马里奥-海佐尼亚被雪藏了。


1. 荷兰危机牵涉到成熟的金融专业人士,那些惯于分析金融和经济趋势的人们。但是,他们过于看重个人经验。
2. Cheng继续说道:“一旦你找到适合自身需求的列表,只需轻按该列表即可看到推荐店铺的位置,然后通过左右滑动来查看更多选项,点击"阅读更多"或者屏幕底部的箭头可以选择地点和获得更多细节。”
3. 你没有赚到足够多的钱来支付日常开销
4. [mɑ:sk]
5. The Killing of a Sacred Deer
6. Next year, crude from Libya--which experienced major problems exporting its oil in 2013 because of internal disputes--could flow again. Iraqi output also is set to increase. Even Iran, shut out of global markets for years, could return if an agreement is reached to relax sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear development. All this could add as much as two million to three million barrels a day of Middle East output.


1. adj. 迷人的
2. n. 前进,航行速度,进展,(前后两车间的)车间时距
3. 3.Flying Bicycles
4. 今年8月,来自托雷维耶哈的乔斯·哈维尔创建了一个AdWords账户,这是谷歌旗下的一项点击付费服务。
5. 单词conduct 联想记忆:
6. vt. 打碎,破掉


1. [s?'plai]
2. tracks
3. Developer: Supermassive Games, Sony Computer Entertainment
4. Andy Murray's US Open victory and Olympic gold medal helped him to become the most searched-for British Olympian.
5. 在这部暑期大片上映40年后,约翰·威廉姆斯的经典原声大碟仍然叫人毛骨悚然。《大白鲨》利用我们对未知的深海的本能恐惧,展示了一个多次受到同一条食人鲨袭击的海滨小镇。近年来,环保人士强调,鲨鱼通常不主动伤人,平均每年只有8人葬身鲨口。
6. We will promote workmanship and foster a culture of workmanship where workers have a strong ethic and tirelessly seek improvement. We will see great numbers of Chinese workers exemplify workmanship and more Chinese brands enjoy international recognition. We will usher in an era of quality for economic development in China.


1. 超级大碗
2. “Our population and employment is at an all-time high and growing. That puts significant pressure on rents and prices,” said Mark Willis, the executive director of the New York University Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. “There is no reason now to think that these trends are likely to change.”
3. 美联储去年花了六个多月的时间暗示其有意退出第三轮购债计划,这种可能性时常扰动着市场。目前美联储仅处于退出购债计划的第一阶段。

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