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中国钢铁业去年亏损超千亿 企业被指以“自杀”方式争市场 说明


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1.沪指涨2.9%接近2900点 两市百股涨停
2.东莞:住房公积金新政满月 公积金贷款买房着数多
3.共享住宿监管 不应违背“包容审慎”原则
4.广州二手房挂牌量锐减三成 低价楼梯楼走俏
5.变革来袭 家居行业向前发展呈现五大趋势
6.淘美居开启“云终端销售” 商业威力不容小觑


1. I've seen managers not hire a woman because the environment is mostly male, and they're worried that no matter how smart or talented she is, she won't fit in.
2. 周二公布的数据显示,去年12月,中国规模以上工业企业利润同比下降8%,是2011年末以来的最大降幅。11月数据的同比下滑幅度为4.2%。
3. Goldman Sachs will pay out big bonuses, be publicly vilified for a month and then go quietly back to printing profits.
4. Frustrated, he invented something that would allow him take a picture of himself: He called it the "extender stick." Since the iPhone really hadn't been invented yet, a small camera was to be attached to one end of the stick. It also had a small mirror in its front so that users could see how they would look in the photograph. He patented the "extender stick" in 1983. The product was mass produced for sale but it was a commercial failure. The quality of the pictures was low. Besides, previous research showed that the women back then were embarrassed by the idea of taking pictures of themselves. The selfie stick was then reinvented by Wayne Fromm in the year 2000, three years before Hiroshi's patent expired. Fromm called his the "quik pod." He believes he is the inventor of today's selfie sticks and has even sued several other selfie stick producers. When asked about Hiroshi's selfie sticks, he said they were "prior art."
5. A Beautiful China where the sky is blue, the land is green, and the water runs clear
6. “…said he never lets people see him sweat — but he was sweating profusely.”


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2、9个月“三次调控” 楼市透出哪些新的走势?
5、住建部开展质量检查 保障性住房是重点
6、海口三亚再被住建部约谈 楼市调控将进一步完善....


      西西软件园 The quality of consumer goods imported through channels other than e-commerce proved to be higher, with only 29 percent falling short of standards, according to figures released by the administration.