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4.部分城市房价出现过快上涨 楼市调控力度有增无减
6.北京怀柔“人才房”明天摇号 150套房源只有141户家庭具备资格


1. Mr D’Aloisio received acclaim from Apple after Summly’s launch, which featured as one of its best iPhone apps of 2012. It had been downloaded almost 1m times before it was pulled from the app store yesterday following the deal.
2. The proposed amendment, which is expected to come into force on Jan 1, contains a clause stipulating extended maternity leave and other welfare for couples having children. These are expected to boost the willingness of some couples to have a second child. Many couples have expressed reluctance to have a second child because of the high costs of bringing-up two children and the prejudice they anticipate from employers.
3. The Fate of the Furious was the top-grossing foreign film, ranking second on the list.
4. adamant
5. Then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do? 你们大人为什么去做与你们教导孩子相反的事情呢?
6. The recession may be over, but the job market recovery is lagging way behind. And experts say the situation may get worse before it gets better.


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1、二线城市楼市火热之后 楼市调控路径隐现
4、卫浴企业双十一观察 中小品牌为何难赚
5、全球粉末涂料需求量不断增长 2018年或达266.7万吨
6、楼市虽降温 业内:未来2年房价上涨至少50%....


      But then the story took a strange turn. Koudijs and Voth found that Dutch lenders reacted to the Seppenwolde collapse in strikingly different ways. Those who had made loans to Seppenwolde but hadn’t actually lost money became far more pessimistic and demanded much bigger haircuts from all new borrowers. But those who had dodged the bullet by not lending to Seppenwolde didn’t tighten their requirements at all. In fact, those lenders slightly reduced haircuts to their borrowers – a sign they were at least as sanguine as before.