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1. adj. 自信的,有信心的,有把握的
2. Baby Driver recently placed on the National Board of Review’s Top 10 list. The film holds a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and took in over $100 million dollars at the box office.
3. adj. 有效的,有影响的
4. re再+friger冷+ator→冰箱
5. 法律
6. Not because I am happy to see the end of what was one of television’s smartest series, a pioneer of what is now generally accepted as the current golden age of small-screen serials.


1. They're developing a core and sorting through roles. Because they're the Lakers, there remains the possibility that a solid free agent or two will look their way.
2. trans转移+port拿,运→移动着拿→运输
3. 北京有一个global的厅
4. 愿新年不仅是你欢笑的时刻,更是你欣喜的日子。祝福你。
5. In addition, the last quarter of 2016 marked the first time that Huawei achieved a double-digit global market share.
6. The People’s Bank of China has long intervened in foreign-exchange markets to hedge against excessive volatility. Since August, however, such intervention has expanded from the domestic spot market, which covers daily transactions, to include the offshore renminbi market in Hong Kong, as well as both onshore and offshore futures markets, traders say.


1. Spotify, the music streaming service, plans to list existing private shares directly on the New York Stock Exchange as soon as the fourth quarter rather than doing a formal IPO, while other large, well-known tech companies for now were seen as more likely prospects for 2018, bankers said.
2. [nju:'trin]
3. Airbnb的紧要关头
4. release
5. 3.贫穷
6. May the joy of New Year be with you throughout the year.


1. Homing in on a brand that excels at making the kind of vehicle you’re looking for is an efficient way to focus your shopping and find the best car for you. The 2016 U.S. News Best Vehicle Brand awards recognize the best brands in four categories: Cars, SUVs, Trucks and Luxury.
2. But back to TextPride. Wray and O’Brien saw the way users eagerly engaged with their branded emojis, and believed advertisers appreciated the convenience of using one vendor to get many different messaging apps. But they realized that that was only half of the business. For certain established brands like sports teams, people will pay for stickers. But other, unknown brands would pay just to be included.
3. It is an acoustic guitar-led anthem and instant lighters-up classic, pivoting into punk-pop with Eagles of Death Metal on "Let 'Em Talk".
4. 单词productive 联想记忆:
5. v. 从事运
6. Trailing behind "Game of Thrones" on the most downloaded list are "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead." Here is the list of 2013's most-downloaded TV shows (single episode) according to data collected by TorrentFreak and BitTorrent trackers:


1. 在《招魂》一举成功后, 埃德·沃伦和罗琳·沃伦夫妇又推出了其续集《招魂2》。 影片讲述了1977年发生在伦敦的一个真实故事——恩菲德招灵事件。
2. 作为本田的高端品牌,讴歌去年共售出167,843辆,同比微增1.5%。而在美国这一备受豪华车品牌青睐的市场上,丰田的高端品牌雷克萨斯销量增幅为13.7%,宝马增幅为9.8%,奥迪增幅为15.2%,梅赛德斯-奔驰增幅为6.5%。
3. Fifty-two colleges and universities across 11 provinces in China are equipped with vending machines that sell AIDS detection reagent for students to conduct self-examinations.

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    One of the more notorious incidents was when Zhu Ling, a student at the prestigious Tsinghua University, was paralyzed when her roommate allegedly poisoned her with thallium in 1994.

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    Li Xiaojin, a professor at Civil Aviation University of China's Economics and Management College, said that rapidly increasing numbers of flights and limited airspace for civil aviation are the major reasons for delays.

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    Those with 3-years of driving experience and no records of traffic accident crimes, dangerous driving, drugs or drink driving will be allowed to take examinations for online-driving services.

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    Agents and investment institutions are now flooding the sector, causing additional changes to the platforms in the world's second-largest economy, the report said.

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    My arms are wide open for you this New Year.我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。

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    Tesla says it enjoys sales per square foot at its showrooms that are double that of Apple . The tech company is currently considered the industry leader.

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    Given that travel costs to Russia may surge in 2018 when the FIFA World Cup will take place there, visiting this year would be a smarter choice.