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1. French authorities said in December that they have dismantled about a dozen networks that were sending people to fight in Iraq and Syria.
2. 单词posture 联想记忆:
3. Average age: 33 in Philadelphia, 36 in San Francisco
4. The other sex toy apparently belonged to a Chinese imperial family.
5. Such insights are of particular interest to litigation funders, who back claimants in return for a cut of damages and who try to assess the likely outcomes of disputes before committing their money. But that may have to be 2019’s breakthrough, or probably beyond.
6. 英国和法国成为欧洲商学院教育的两大来源。在上榜商学院中,近一半要么来自英国(20所),要么来自法国(19所)。从排名、毕业生薪资(法国为5.5万美元,英国为4.9万美元)以及学生数量(法国为9000人,英国为1200人)看,法国在管理硕士课程方面强于英国。然而,从MBA商学院数量(英国上榜商学院为18所,法国为5所)和学生数量(英国为1900人,法国为1300人)来看,英国商学院MBA课程强于法国,尽管在毕业生薪资方面,英国MBA课程(11.5万美元)不敌法国(13.7万美元)。


1. 1月份中国居民消费价格指数(CPI)出现上涨,在本月金融市场动荡为主的背景下,该消息对于这个世界第二大经济体来说是个令人鼓舞的迹象。
2. knot
3. Researchers at Google discovered that security questions as a standalone method for recovering access to accounts is not an efficient model.
4. 其它
5. 作为2014年资本计划的一部分内容,这家总部位于加州旧金山的银行表示将把股票回购量增加3.50亿股,总额达到近170亿美元。它还将派息提高约17%,达到了每股0.35美元。
6. n. 运输、运输工具;(常用复数)强烈的情绪(狂喜或狂怒


1. 政治也对气候的认知有所影响,超过3/4的民主党人和六成独立派人士认为在过去几年中气候越来越极端,而不到半数共和党人认同这种转变。
2. ?Bond has a keen eye for who to trust and who not to. This quality is frequently seen in sexually open-minded people, actually. 007 can tell when a lady is into him. And science agrees: handsome men are the best at identifying who is attracted to them.
3. consistently
4. Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
5. Are you often irritable?
6. document


1. Lady Gaga凭她的非营利性的天生如此的慈善基金会名列第四名。
2. Hope you enjoy the happiness of New Year and all the trimmings.
3. Company: Nation Waste, Inc.
4. The top 10 Weibo celebrities now have a combined 40 million followers. One of the most famous online figures, Papi Jiang, already signed a contract for video ads worth a staggering 22 million.
5. 别人可能会告诉你“在面试中展示真正的自我。” 但是,真的别随便展示。这是最烂的一条建议。我们不需要一些神经古怪的人,我们关心的只有你的的技术和经验。
6. [praim]


1. About 40 per cent of entrepreneurs did not seek any help when securing finance. Half of these raised equity purely from their own savings and/or family and friends compared with only 40 per cent of those who sought help from the school or alumni network.
2. "We have a system here in America where if something is for you and if they find it, it gets to you, that's beautiful," he told US TV station WTAE.
3. 1.手指存储器

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